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Semiconductor industry is divided into Integrated Device Manufacturers, front-end process(design-fabless, foundry),
and back-end service(bump, test, assembly). DOOSAN TESNA is providing differentiated total solutions related with testing of various semiconductor products. As the IT industry is rapidly growing, semiconductors are more widely used.
As a leading company in semiconductor test industry, DOOSAN TESNA is expanding business areas and range of
products in order to grow into a semiconductor total solution company.

- Bumping technology maximizes electric flow while minimizing the size of wafer during back-end process
- Proceed with gold or solder bumping depending on materials

Probe Test
- Test whether IC on wafer electrically functions properly. Distinguish good and bad.
- Inform yield to design/manufacture companies, carry out a 1st step test whether there are problems in design
- and manufacture process

Back Grinding
- With IT technologies and products being more integrated, back grinding process makes a wafer thinner in order to produce
- multi-layered chips, high density packages.

- Packaging process(plastic, films, etc.)
hips, high density packages.
Final Test
- Distinguish good and bad before the final shipment after packaging process

Image Sensor
- An Essential component for camera phones, digital cameras, digital camcorders.
- A semiconductor sensor which converts light(optical image) into electrical signal.

Touch Sensor
- A touch sensor is used as input interface for display of OA products, etc. It detects a finger touching a screen and recognizes
- it as input. There are variable capacitance, variable resistance, and variable light sensor. Touch sensors are used in most smart
- devices.

- T-Con is IC which creates various control signals and data in order to show images and letters on display devices
- T-Con is used for LCD/LED/OLED TV, and 3D, Smart TV, etc.

SoC(System on Chip)
- SoC is a semiconductor that integrates all functions required by system such as logical calculation, data transfer,
- and memory in one chip.

- AP is used for mobile devices as CPU is used for computers

MCU(Micro Controller Unit)
- Unlike microprocessor, MCU is a processor containing a core, memory, and simple OS so that independent functions are possible.

Smart Card IC
- Smart card IC is a CPU intelligent card, which is made of plastic in credit card size and thickness.
- Microprocessor, memory, OS, and security algorithm are embedded in this card, so information can be stored and processed.